Lost and Found: British Boy Abducted for Seven Years Found in France with Claims of Sexual Abuse


Francesca reports that a British boy who was found on the highway in the early hours of the morning after seven years says he was the victim of sexual abuse. The shocking revelation adds another layer of complexity to this already baffling case.

Since his disappearance in 2017, 17-year-old Alex Batty and his whereabouts have remained a mystery. However, French police announced on Friday that Batty has been found in France and will be returning to the United Kingdom on Saturday. It was a delivery man who stumbled upon the young boy in the south of France, completely by accident. The delivery man’s confusion led to the discovery of Batty, and it is now believed that his own mother is the main suspect in his disappearance.

According to British police, Batty’s mother had lost custody of him, which raises even more questions about her involvement in this case. French authorities previously suspected that she had fled to Finland, but it seems that she may have been in France all along. This morning, the young woman was interviewed by the police involved in the investigation, but it remains unknown whether the young man informed them about the alleged sexual abuse he claims to have suffered as a child.

It is clear that Batty was desperate to return home to the UK. He confided in the delivery man, informing him that he wanted to send a message to his aunt. In the message, Batty expressed his love and stated his desire to go back home. This plea for help reinforces the severity of the situation and highlights the urgency to reunite him with his family.

The details of how Batty ended up on the highway in France are still vague. The delivery man, Fabien Accidini, encountered the young boy during the early hours of the morning. Accidini recalls seeing him skate down the coast with a light and a backpack. It seems that someone had assisted Batty in making contact, as he asked Accidini to send a message to his aunt back in the UK. This small act of reaching out for help played a significant role in his eventual rescue.

Once Accidini realized that the boy was not French, he took immediate action. He brought Batty to the local police, who verified his identity and initiated the necessary procedures for his repatriation. It was during this process that the shocking revelation of sexual abuse came to light. The implications of this revelation are distressing and require thorough investigation to ensure justice is served.

Looking back at Batty’s past, it seems that his family dynamics played a significant role in his disappearance. Alex was just 11 years old when he was found in Malaga, Spain with his mother Melanie and grandfather David. His grandfather, Susan, claims that it was his own daughter who orchestrated the kidnapping. In an emotional interview with the BBC, Susan revealed that his daughter did not have custody of Alex, and she went into labor with the horse.

Despite these disturbing revelations, the fate of Batty’s mother and father remains unknown. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to continue their efforts to locate them and hold them accountable for their alleged involvement in the abuse and disappearance of their own son.

As the investigation unfolds, the focus will undoubtedly remain on supporting Batty and ensuring his safety and well-being. The extent of the trauma he has endured is unimaginable, and it is essential that he receives the necessary care, support, and counseling to aid in his recovery.

The return of Alex Batty to the United Kingdom marks a small victory in this deeply troubling case. However, there is still much work to be done to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice. The hope is that this case sheds light on the urgent need to address and prevent child abuse, ensuring that no child suffers in silence.