Pope Francis Battles Lung Inflammation: A Look into the Pontiff’s Health


According to a recent communication from the Vatican, Pope Francis is currently in stable condition but continues to experience lung inflammation and respiratory difficulties. The Pope had originally planned to travel to the United Arab Emirates to attend the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, but due to his health issues, he had to postpone the trip.

During his visit to Portugal for the XXXVII World Youth Day in August 2023, Pope Francis had the opportunity to meet with university students from the Pontifical Catholic University. However, his health condition has remained a concern ever since.

At his weekly audience at the Vatican, Pope Francis, who is 86 years old, appeared disturbed and chose not to speak. It was evident that his health was taking a toll on him. In order to combat the ongoing infection and relieve his symptoms, the Pope continues to receive antibiotic treatment.

This is not the first time that Pope Francis has faced pulmonary issues. Back in 2013, the Vatican announced that he had to undergo a surgery to remove a portion of his lung due to a respiratory illness he had in his younger days. At the age of 21, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis, experienced a severe respiratory illness that left him between life and death. Doctors were perplexed by his condition, as he exhibited high fever and was in a state of confusion. Eventually, it was determined that he had severe pneumonia along with three cysts in his lungs. Surgery was performed to remove the upper portion of his right lung, successfully treating the illness.

Recently, Pope Francis spent three days at the Policlínica Gemelli in Rome, Italy, receiving treatment for acute pneumonia towards the end of March 2023. Just a few months prior, in June 2023, the Vatican announced that the Pope underwent a three-hour abdominal surgery under general anesthesia. Fortunately, no complications arose from the procedure.

In the past year, Pope Francis has been accompanied by a personal health assistant, a nurse, who constantly monitors his well-being. He has also been using a cane since May of the previous year due to right knee pain. Last year, in 2021, he spent ten days at the Gemelli hospital for coronary surgery. However, the operation left him with complications, leading him to decide against knee surgery. His chronic musculoskeletal pain often causes him discomfort and necessitates certain adjustments, such as the need to skip certain official ceremonies.

During an interview with Argentine doctor and journalist Nelson Castro, Pope Francis revealed that he had sought treatment for coastal pain in Argentina through Chinese acupuncture. He also experienced gallbladder calculi and a temporary cardiac problem in 2004 as a result of mild arterial stenosis.

It is evident that Pope Francis has had to endure numerous health challenges throughout his life. However, despite his ongoing health issues, he remains committed to his duties as the leader of the Catholic Church and continues to advocate for important causes such as climate change and youth empowerment. The world watches with concern as his health remains a critical factor in his ability to carry out his responsibilities effectively.