Rusting Revolution: Tesla Cybertruck Owners Report Corrosion Concerns


Reports have been surfacing among Tesla Cybertruck drivers regarding unexpected issues with corrosion on their pickup trucks. The Cybertruck, known for its futuristic design and stainless steel framework that was touted as indestructible, is now facing complaints of rust and orange stains on the bodywork.

Numerous owners have taken to forums to express their concerns, questioning the durability of the stainless steel construction and whether the vehicle lives up to the promises made by Tesla. Despite the novel use of paint-free stainless steel, it appears that the material may be susceptible to oxidation, leading to unsightly rust spots on the Cybertruck’s exterior.

One user reported that their Tesla supplier warned them about the possibility of developing little orange spots on the Cybertruck’s body due to exposure to rain. Additionally, there have been complaints of steering issues among customers who have recently purchased the electric pickup.

The problem seems to be widespread, with reports of corrosion coming in from various regions across the United States. While some truck owners have embraced the rust spots, viewing them as adding character to their vehicle, others are concerned about the long-term implications of the corrosion on the Cybertruck’s structural integrity.

For Tesla, the challenge of maintaining the durability of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body has been significant, requiring innovative techniques for shaping the panels and keeping them resistant to rust. The company’s handbook advises owners to wash their vehicles promptly, as the stainless steel is vulnerable to stains caused by corrosive chemicals.

One intriguing theory suggests that the issue may be related to railway dust, often found on new cars that are transported by freight trains. This dust, composed of particles scraped off wagon wheels, has been known to cause rust on vehicles left exposed to it for extended periods.

Despite ongoing speculation about the source of the problem, Cybertruck owners are already discussing various cleaning methods to address the issue and preserve the unique qualities of their pickup trucks. Whether Tesla can find a solution to the oxidation problem remains to be seen, as owners await further updates on how the company plans to address the corrosion concerns.

In conclusion, the reports of corrosion on Tesla Cybertruck pickups have raised questions about the vehicle’s durability and the effectiveness of its stainless steel construction. As owners navigate the challenges of maintaining their vehicles, Tesla faces the task of addressing these concerns and ensuring that the Cybertruck lives up to its promise of being a cutting-edge, long-lasting electric pickup.