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Aquis Credit Card

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★4,5 /5
Rates & Fees
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  • Annual Fee

    Varies based on the particular card version.

  • Reward Percentage

    Since this card is frequently intended for people with a short credit history, it could not come with the usual benefits.

  • Intro Offer

    May provide freebies to people who are establishing or repairing their credit.

  • Suggested Credit Score

    Those with a modest or restricted credit history might find this appropriate.

Product Details

This credit card allows you to:

  • Increase your credit score if you responsibly use your card and receive;
  • A customised credit limit ranging from £500 to £1,500;
  • Whenever you are, use the Vanquis app to manage your account 24/7.
Our take


  • Designed to restore or establish credit;
  • Potential rise in credit limit;
  • No yearly cost.


  • High rate of interest;
  • No cashback or incentives.

Do you know anything about bad credit credit cards? It is true that you can get a credit card even with a low credit score. I know it could be hard to obtain one, especially a decent credit card, but there are alternatives. Knowing where to look and when to start your search are crucial, and I’m here to help with both of those things.

I’ll introduce you to a fantastic credit card in this post that will help you make wiser financial decisions and raise your credit score alike. Your credit score can be considerably raised with the Aquis Credit Card, which is intended to give you a great credit card alternative. Please read on if you’re interested in knowing more.

What conditions must be met in order to apply for the Aquis Credit Card?

The Aquis Credit Card does, of course, have certain requirements, just like any other credit card or financial instrument. Even though there aren’t many conditions for this credit card, it’s still important to be aware of them and make sure you meet them all. Should you neglect to fulfil any of these prerequisites, your application for a card can be rejected.

  • Has to be older than eighteen;
  • Has to be a UK resident;
  • Aquis, Chrome, Origin, Vanquis, Thimbl, or Granite credit cards should not be held at this time;
  • Must not have an active Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) or be in bankruptcy at this time.

What paperwork is required in order to apply for an Aquis credit card?

Like the prerequisites, it is essential to have the required paperwork on hand when submitting an application for a credit card. Having these documents on hand helps to expedite the application process and avoid needless delays. You won’t have to look for the necessary paperwork when you apply with all of them in place. Let’s look at the paperwork you will require:

  • The address history over the previous three years;
  • Details of contact;
  • Work specifics;
  • Information about your monthly earnings;
  • An estimate of your monthly expenditure;
  • Details about your debit card and bank account.

Who ought to submit an Aquis Credit Card application?

Although this credit card is intended for a wide range of users, some demographics may benefit from it more than others. Every credit card typically targets three or four primary demographics, however occasionally additional groups may benefit from the card’s special features. Let’s examine the features and advantages of the Aquis Credit Card in more detail to see if you fit into the intended market.

  • Vanquis customers:
    The first group of people who will probably benefit from this credit card more are Vanquis’s current customers. You can take use of your knowledge with the company’s services, including the credit card, as an established client. They will already be aware of your financial habits if you have used other Vanquis services or completed transactions in the past.
  • Individuals with low credit scores:
    Naturally, those with less-than-ideal credit scores make up the majority of the target market for this credit card. Having a bad credit history makes it difficult to apply for credit cards. Therefore, in the event that you find yourself in this circumstance, the Aquis Credit Card may be a good option. Applying for this card could be a step towards improving your financial situation if you currently have a low credit score.
  • If you value simple handling:
    Those who value simple account or financial administration are another important category of people who will love this card immensely. Thanks to the company’s specialised application, managing your account and credit will be easy with the Aquis Credit Card.
  • If you would rather not pay yearly costs:
    The last category of possible cardholders consists of those who don’t appreciate having to pay annual fees. It makes sense that a lot of individuals object to yearly credit card fees. If this describes you, then great news! You’ve found a credit card that not only helps you raise your credit score but also has no annual fees.

One suggestion for anyone looking to apply for the Aquis Credit Card is as follows:

Let’s now discuss a vital topic: suggestions for the credit card application procedure. Although every credit card has its own distinct features, attributes, and advantages, the application procedure generally has a uniform format.

You don’t need to worry about the application procedure because it is meant to be simple and intuitive. The application screen has easy-to-follow directions that walk you through each stage. In the unlikely event that you have any queries or concerns, you may always get in touch with the business directly.

It is usually better to get in touch with the company rather than depending only on articles because they may offer you individualised support for your particular questions. The company’s contact details are conveniently located on its official website, making it easy to address any issues or get more information.

Is this card truly worth the money? Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of credit cards.

So, will this credit card actually be good, or am I making things up as I go along? I’m not that humorous, so yeah, everything I said is real, and you can expect everything I mentioned in the credit card. However, it would be a huge plot twist if I said that everything was made up.

This implies that all of the positive and negative information you have read is accurate. You may therefore judge for yourself whether or not this is a good card, and in my opinion, it is well worth the money.

Apply right away for the fantastic Aquis Credit Card:

Initiate the Aquis Credit Card application procedure right away to experience these advantages firsthand.

Applying right away could allow you to take advantage of all the benefits this credit card has to offer, including better financial management, a road to a higher credit score, and the ease of using the company’s specialised application for account monitoring.

Applying right now will allow you to take the first step towards improving your financial situation. Don’t pass up this opportunity.